A More Efficient Agent Desktop

CallScripter knows that the key to excellent customer service lies within the competencies of the contact centre agent taking their call; this is why we invest so much time into ensuring advisors that use our application have the best support possible.

For us, this means simplifying the process and specifically engineering the program to support and empower cross-channel customer conversations, either on a premise-based or SaaS configuration. The CallScripter application enables rapid set-up, efficient handling and sophisticated reporting of advanced inbound and outbound campaigns which are built and controlled via a simple browser-based, easy-to-use and highly configurable user interface. With features designed to increase agent productivity, enforce compliance and promote dynamic customer conversations, CallScripter is the next generation scripting tool that manages and supports every step of the client’s journey.

What does this mean for your agents?

Agents using CallScripter have all the information they need to deliver a successful call with a positive outcome. We aim to supply more information per page to cut down on script length; this enables the agent to locate information more quickly. We filter out functions and options that are irrelevant to the agent so that they can deliver their call in a smooth and efficient manner with an uncluttered desktop. These features reduce the call time and streamline the flow of information from the agent to the caller, enabling the agent to engage with the caller on a more personal level. The customer can then relax and create an emotional connection with the individual and, by extension, the brand.

The developers at CallScripter are always investigating new ways to improve the desktop for agents so that your contact centre can give the best customer experience possible. Keep up to date with our new features in our release notes section.