Become ‘Succeedy’ with L-Vo

We had the great pleasure of having the world’s top motivational gurus L. Vaughan Spencer joining the speaker panel at our CallScripter User Group Meeting and Awards Lunch, which was held in London on the 16th of February.

Admittedly, he is not an ordinary motivational speaker; instead, L-Vo Spencer is a true ‘succeeder’. His ‘succeeder’ programme is all about ‘embedding Cognos-sensual learnings and initiating proactive mindful Moti vitality’. Yes, that’s right! L-Vo points out that it is important to understand that the only person that keeps you down is yourself! And, by joining the ‘succeeder’ programme, you will be able to overcome your negative inner dialogue that keeps telling that you are not good enough. Read his book ‘Don’t be needy be succeed’ – it is amazingly thought-provoking and hilarious!

David Everett, Commercial Director at CallScripter, said, “Wow! L-Vo’s after lunch session couldn’t have gone better! It was highly entertaining, with plenty of audience interaction, delivered in a thought-provoking, inspirational and motivational way to our CallScripter User Group Meeting and Awards Lunch.”

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