CallScripter and Nixxis Renew OEM Agreement

CallScripter, an industry leading contact centre scripting software solutions provider and Nixxis, a software house specialised in call centre and customer interaction solutions have renewed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnership agreement to continue offering comprehensive contact centre solutions that overcome today’s industry challenges.

Expanding a relationship that has existed since 2009, CallScripter’s scripting solution will continue to be tightly integrated as part of Nixxis Contact Suite 2.0 for use by contact centres of all sizes and sectors globally.

CallScripter’s scripting application has been designed to increase agent productivity and reduce average handling time.  It provides the agent with an interactive script infrastructure that caters for the customer’s needs, wants and requirements. The workflow model and scripts are built to empower the agent with knowledge and data sources to perform tasks efficiently and successfully.

Kevin Ellis, Sales Director at CallScripter, says, “We are delighted to extend our already successful relationship with Nixxis.  They have extensive experience and success in the deployment of multi-channel customer interaction solutions throughout Europe, and the Nixxis Contact Suite product is highly configurable and features rich.  We are pleased to be able to assist them by delivering our best of breed call scripting solution as a fully integrated part of their product offering”.

Nicolas Boussaroque, Head of Professional Services at Nixxis says, “Today, 95% of Nixxis’ customers use CallScripter. It is an easily accessible tool offering a range of features dedicated to modern call centres. Our clients are very satisfied with the services provided by CallScripter.”

About CallScripter
CallScripter is the market leading contact centre scripting software solution internationally, designed to maximise contact centre productivity while improving agent and business efficiency. With over a decade of experience, CallScripter is dedicated to providing unrivalled best of breed solutions to modern contact centres around the globe.

CallScripter is a brand of IPPlus plc, the AIM listed business services organisation, whose interests include software and outsourced contact centres. The CallScripter headquarters are based in Ipswich, the UK with regional partners worldwide.

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About Nixxis
Nixxis is a professional software publisher specialised in call/contact centre and customer interaction solutions. Nixxis has invested 100+ years in developing the advanced Nixxis Interaction engine, an ideal and modular tool to respond to all contact centre needs and customers’ growing expectations. The architecture is based on full IP (SIP) and open standards and is providing all features used in a traditional environment.

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