CallScripter announces exciting new Turkish partnership

CallScripter, the global contact centre scripting solution, has announced a new partnership with innovative Turkish technology company, Sestanbul; this is a significant move for CallScripter into a non-English speaking territory and an opportunity for Sestanbul to increase their client reach by adding a new service to their portfolio.

As Sestanbul’s customers began requesting scripting solutions to improve their contact center’s operational efficiencies, Sestanbul resolved to find the best option on the market to add to their catalogue of services.

‘As Sestanbul we are excited to introduce another “best of breed” solution to Turkish Call Center space. “This is the ultimate solution the market has been lacked for in decades” our customer’s state. We have chosen this unique solution for several reasons.

  • Platform Independent: Compatible with Contact Center masters like Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, Interactive Intelligence.
  • Fast Deployment: Usually less than three days.
  • Easy & Quick To Adapt: Call Center personnel can be trained in hours and immediately start using CallScripter. Thanks to its clean design and trendy drag & drop interface which is fully equipped with wizards of numerous features and styling options.
  • Limitless Integration Capabilities: CRM software, backend systems, custom applications, etc.

We have no doubt that the partnership with CallScripter will strengthen Sestanbul’s position in the market. One last piece of good news, CallScripter Turkish Edition is on our 2016 roadmap. Hopefully not later than Q3 our customers will interact with their native version.’ Olgay Turgut, Founder/General Manager

For CallScripter, a partnership with Sestanbul allows the penetration of the Turkish contact centre market. As CallScripter’s master distributer in Turkey, all projects will pass via Sestanbul meaning that customers will receive the top scripting solution with the very best service. Working with a native partner in a foreign market gives CallScripter a huge advantage as it allows us to engage with fully, and understand the needs of Turkish contact centres.

‘CallScripter has been long established in the US, EMEA, and more recently APAC, markets. The partnership with Sestanbul comes at the perfect time as we look to diversify into non-speaking English markets. As the CallScripter product evolves, we seek to expand our audience across different countries and continents. Sestanbul is enabling us to realise the first significant step in this venture.’ Kevin Ellis, Commercial Director for CallScripter.

About Sestanbul

SESTANBUL specialises in delivering implementations for large companies from a variety of industries such as insurance, finance, outsourced call centres, telecoms and service providers. Their portfolio of services includes Voice Technologies, RDBMS’s via Altibase, Operational Services, and Training Services.

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About CallScripter

CallScripter is an enhanced customer software application, designed for contact centre operations. Our current client list consists of companies from a range of industries including Outsourcers, Financial Services, Helpdesk, Telemarketing, Internet Providers, Charities and the Public Sector. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional solutions and service, but always at an affordable cost to your business. The CallScripter headquarters are based in Ipswich, the UK with regional partners worldwide.

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