CallScripter’s Toughest Challenge of the Year

Contact centre scripting software solutions provider; CallScripter took part in the fantastic but very challenging 24-mile 3 Peaks Challenge earlier this month.

5 CallScripter champions bravely climbed the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales in 24hrs for our chosen charity – Action Medical Research.

Admittedly, the walk was pretty hard; insomnia, blisters, sore muscles, however, the experience was fantastic. What a wonderful feeling! What a life-changing adventure! We did it (almost)!

Sadie Ahier, Professional Services Manager comments:

“Having never attempted anything like this challenge before, and having never even seen one of the three mountains, I was naturally very nervous about the task ahead. So nervous, in fact, that I failed to sleep for a few nights leading up to the challenge. At the briefing held at 9 pm on Friday evening, we were given a start time of 04:15 am the following morning (and we got back to the hotel at 10:30 pm) – another very sleepless few hours passed before I had to get up at 3 am to get ready. Fear and tiredness were soon replaced by excitement and adrenaline (and a few cans of energy drink), and we were off up the first mountain. The scenery was breath-taking, and the weather on Ben Nevis was very kind to us, given the torrential conditions in the rest of the country. Reaching the (snow covered) top was such a great feeling and views were out of this world. Still on a high, I was eager to get down and on to the next one. Unfortunately half way down one of the other team members needed airlifting off the mountain after fracturing his leg. This caused us a delay of 45 minutes, but to witness the rescue at such close quarters only added to the memories. On the journey to Scafell Pike another hold up came in the shape of the Olympic torch relay, again, good for the memories – not so ideal for the timings!

Scafell was scary, bleak, wet, visibility of less than 5 meters, no defined pathways, and felt like climbing one long waterfall. Not as rewarding as Ben Nevis as no views from the top at all – in fact we struggled to see each other, let alone some scenery! Coming back down was terrifying as it was dark and intense concentration was required for every step on the slippery wet rocks. Such a relief to get down in one piece at gone midnight. I was still raring to go to the next one though… after another long noisy (sleepless) drive we reached Snowdon at 06:30am on Sunday morning, the sun was shining and I was keen to get going. Beautiful scenery again on the ascent – although the first stretch was pretty tough going and it was taking its toll on the team. Unfortunately we knew at this point given our late start that we were rapidly running out of time, and the Marshalls at the halfway point confirmed this fact and decided that was where we would end the climb, as we had run out of time to reach the peak. The team were pretty devastated having come so far, but plenty of lessons learnt, and good training for next time. Yes, I did say next time – I would do the whole thing again today if I could! Such a great unforgettable experience and a huge bonus that we got to raise money for such a good cause.”