Clean up your act!

As January is ‘clean up your computer month’, we have put together some top tips for cleaning up your PC or laptop and maintaining a tidy workspace from our office staff.

Network engineer, Alan Bolster, says prevention is the key. ‘It may sound a little obvious, but try not to let your device get clogged up in the first place. Don’t install unnecessary software and run regular clean ups to limit the back log of downloads and files’.

‘Keep your files organised!’ Marketing Manager Lizzy Brabner warns. ‘I am a big culprit of saving multiple versions and copies in lots of locations. Choose one trusted storage option and back up regularly. Ensure your files are accessible and understandable, should they need to be accessed by colleagues.’

Mitchell Majed-Liburd, Digital Analyst, advises users to use an AdBlock tool to stop cookies being placed on your computer and also prevent annoying pop-up ads.

Wil Sokanovic, Sales Executive for CallScripter says: ‘Be aware of programs that install additional toolbars or adjust your default settings when checkboxes are not unticked – sometimes known as deceptive software!’

Back to Alan for his final tips: ‘Run anti-virus scans on your hard disks and set a schedule for this to be done on a regular basis and try running Windows disk defragmenter clean-up tools such as CCleaner.’

That’s it from us! Want more clean-up advice? Email us!