Finalists for European Call Centre Awards

CallScripter is delighted to announce that they have reached the finals of the European Call Centre Awards 2010. Nominated within the ‘Product of the Year’ category, CallScripter has been recognised for their innovative best of breed scripting solution.

A multitude of new integrations have been implemented throughout the 12 month period that forms the basis of the judging criteria, including:

  • The ability to use XML controls in the script; this has dramatically increased functionality available when pulling data from third party databases. The XML Select Control renders information (primarily returned from SQL statements) to the screen, using JavaScript so that there is no page refreshing. The details will appear as soon as the data is returned from SQL. Also, this allows for greater flexibility on how the data can be presented to the agents, grids, tables and even dynamic charts and graphs.
  • Full-functionality in numerous languages, making it suitable for international use. When multi-national implementations are required, the software will allow you to effortlessly run multilingual campaigns, meaning that agents can switch between languages automatically, and reporting can be done separately or across all languages used.
  • Additionally, the back end of the application itself is now based upon a language file that supports localisation in the following languages: UK English, Dutch, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, and new for 2010, Hungarian.
  • In distributed contact centres that may span across many countries, back office users can also now localise CallScripter into their language from one central installation of the product.
  • The significantly enhanced layout, appearance and functionality will dramatically change the way users can build scripts, and make the agent experience that much more productive, and time-efficient.
  •  ‘Compound Controls’ have been introduced; this allows groups of controls to be joined into a single ‘compound control’ and added via a single click, for example, address and contact fields, making the controls more uniform, more predictable and more reliable.
  • The Awards take place on Tuesday 21st September, and although facing stiff competition in the form of six other finalists, fingers are crossed for a triumphant