Focus on…Karl Magerum

Name: Karl Margerum

Aka: Saviour of CallScripter

Job title: Developer – Integrations specialist

Time in the company: 11 years

Where did you start: 07/2005

Starting as a general developer in July 2005, Karl moved to more specific integrations as a natural progression when CallScripter began taking on more clients, each with different systems.

Day to day, I work to a monthly bug list of issues and enhancements as well as any new pieces of product development, be it cti provider work, 3rd party integrations or general enhancements to existing features. The best thing about my job is that the product never stands still. There is always new technology or new methodology that must be absorbed in the product and understood. Clearing out old sections of code for newer, more concise libraries and methods is greatly rewarding.

The most challenging aspect of the job is trying to remove, replace and refactor redundant and obsolete sections of the product for newer code without breaking anything. Also trying to get something right first time so it is not required to be revisited at a later date to be revised. Working in this industry has taught me that you need to keep up with and watch out for trends. Software changes all the time and if I am not consistently learning and trying to improve I get left behind!

What do you look forward to when you come into work in the morning: A strong cup of coffee and the most interesting item on my work schedule. I get in first so the initial hour of quiet is nice. The mobile bakery that arrives at 9:30 is also a highlight!

Having been working on sourcing facebook page feeds and messages into the product for a client of Ansaback’s I am finding social media capabilities becoming a large area for exploration. We are trying to find what exactly customers want and work out a general way of applying social media updates in an agent friendly format that allows said agents to handle multiple channels of social media data.

What is your role when a new feature/integration is being developed? I have a set of bugs around a new feature which are broken down into bite size pieces. We estimate the complexity and assign the individual pieces across a software release cycle. I will write the software and work with my manager to ensure it fits with the vision before releasing to our testing/QA dept.

On Synergy: It very much appears to be the flexibility of synergy that is making it so valuable. It fits into the middle of many complex scenarios and already easily caters for prospective clients bespoke needs, regardless of complexity and without requiring the software to be modified. We are a scripting tool at heart but becoming more a connector to and from any entity, allowing data and contacts to be processed by individual scripts working with many 3rd party systems be it remote or local.

What can you see in the future of Customer Service?  I guess the whole omnichannel route is where things are have been heading with pure telephony based call centres taking less calls in favour of other forms of communication like web chat or tweets. It’s easier to achieve what you need to as an end customer rather than sit on the phone so traffic is migrating to these methods.