Focus on…Mitchell Majed-Liburd

Name: Mitchell Elliott Majed-Liburd

Aka: Mitch

Job title: Digital Marketing Analyst

Time in the company: 4.5 years

Where did you start: Call centre agent

Route of progression: Call centre agent @ Ansaback > Telecoms agent @ Ansaback > Professional Service consultant @ CallScripter > Digital Marketing Analyst @ CallScripter and Ansaback

What does your job entail day to day: Website Design & Upkeep, implementing SEO Strategy across websites, managing Google AdWords, creating Graphics for websites & social, tracking website analytics and website lead generation, research to boost company’s reach.

What is your favourite part of the job: Creating graphics, web design, website analytics.

Most challenging aspect of the job: The most challenging aspect of the job is taking all of the data from various analytical sources (Google Analytics, SEMrush, Google AdWords), and proving how well (or not so well) the digital aspects of the businesses are performing.

Funny story: I was once sent to visit a customer in Leicester to deliver training for CallScripter, I ended up sitting on a train stuck at Cambridge because a horse had been struck on the track. 3 hours later they announced the track was clear. They decided the best way to check to make sure the mane line was clear was to send another train…. I eventually over-herd the conductor announce that the second train had struck ANOTHER HORSE! Resulting in a further 3 hour delay! Finally after all that horsing around I arrived in London at 01:00am and had to return to Ipswich. The whole experience was a bit of a ‘mare.

What do you look forward to when you come into work in the morning: Checking to see what interesting leads have come through the website.

What has working in this industry taught you: Do or do not, there is no try.

What is your view on introducing social media capabilities to the product? It is vital to any business that doesn’t want to get left behind as digitalisation is the future.

What is your role when a new feature/integration is being developed? Advisory role, speaking with the Dev team to bounce around different ideas. Also, working on the marketing assets with Lizzy for any new features.

In your view, what is the most valuable feature of Synergy? The ability to integrate with 3rd party software & ability for customization on the agent desktop.

What can you see in the future of Customer Service? The immediate future of customer service lies in the digital space. I believe we will see a wider spread adoption of Social Media for businesses and increase in live chat, possibly movements towards chat automation.

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