Focus on…Wil Sokanovic

Name: Wil Sokanovic

Aka: Wil

Job title: Sales Executive

Time in the company: In total – 11 years

Wil joined Ansaback as a Customer Care Advisor in the Bureau in 2005. He was promoted to Supervisor, a position that he held for 4 years, before being made ‘Assistant Call Centre Manager’. After 3 years, Wil was moved up to ‘Service Delivery Manager’ for a dedicated contract for a year.  Although he was out of the Business for 8 months Wil re-joined CallScripter as Sales Executive in May of 2015.

So Wil, what does your job entail day to day? It’s so varied as we are a relatively small team – we all chip in where hands are needed, but generally working with New and Current prospects and Projects, Account Management of existing Customers, Billing cycle and Contract Lifecycle Management to name a few. Oh and any ‘ad hoc’ task that Kev directs my way!

My favourite part of my job is firstly, my colleagues, as without them I’d not be able to say secondly –  getting back a signed contract / confirmed order!

The biggest challenge in my role is interpreting the customer’s needs, and catering for both the operational and technical considerations they have whilst solving their requirements in a contextual demonstration of the product.  Although the most challenging – it’s also the most rewarding and enjoyable part of the job!

My funniest story is a situation I once had to deal with as an Assistant Call Centre Manager and has turned into somewhat of an office Urban Legend, although its 100% true it’s also 100% not repeatable – but suffice to say that Managing staff will ALWAYS surprise you!

What do you look forward to when you come into work in the morning?

The variety that comes with each day, seeing colleagues that are more a family and a hot cup of tea.

Working in this industry has taught me that it’s within a team the value lies; a team together its greater than the sum of its parts. Also that the best way to achieve goals is to ensure you have some fun on the way!

What is your view on the introduction of Social integrations?

It adds so much value, for customers already using Social, and also for customers who are just starting their Social journey.  It allows for the addition of these touch points without a considerable overhaul of business processes, as well as empowering those handling the interaction to pivot the touch point when required.

What is your role when a new feature/integration is being developed?

Mainly Guinea Pig!  Development will let us know when they have something new, and we will start using it.  Building it into our proposals.  Also, often something that Dev creates comes from Sales as a customer need, often we find the ‘thing they require’ creates a feature or integration that has wider value / application to our customer base

In your view, what is the most valuable feature of Synergy?

The fact it’s a flexible tool that is easy to configure and deploy.  It’s more than just a scripting tool, it’s often the main advisor desktop bringing peripheral business processes and applications into one space, streamlining the interaction and adding value to a customer’s brand, operation and core business.

I think the future of Customer Service is expansive. As new generations mature into consumers they will redefine what ‘Customer Service’ means.  I think that more than ever Digital Darwinism will play its part, companies will have to adapt to accommodate the change, engaging or retiring touch points or channels, or face customer alienation.  Once thing is for sure, it’s going to become more fast paced, ultimately ‘Customer Service’ is becoming less existent, it intrinsically implies an interaction after the fact. Now it’s about Brand Engagement and Consumer Investment no longer just at the point of transaction, but through the entire customer lifecycle.