Focus On…Rachael Drouet

Name:                  Rachael Drouet

Aka:                       Knees

Job title:               Training and Education Manager

Time in the company:    7 years (time for an itch…)

My day to day activities are to write and deliver training, answer customer queries, either about the product or training itself, through to documenting new features, hosting webinars and generally being passionate about CallScripter! My favourite part of the job is having the flexibility to design new concepts and see them through to delivery.  And training obviously!  Especially when dealing with those that really want to learn and get the best from the software. The challenge for me comes when users just want to replicate their old system, rather than use the change as an opportunity to improve and streamline.

Do you have a funny story?  Maybe the time I found and rescued a piglet on the way to deliver some training?

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but seeing my colleagues is what I look forward to in the mornings.  It’s like a 2nd (and equally annoying) family.

Working in this industry has shown me that things are always changing, so expect the unexpected! As we move toward providing social capabilities, I think understanding how businesses can manage and get the best from social media contact is a huge learning curve for everyone. There’s doing something, and then doing it well. I see this as a time to move from pure technical training to incorporating more soft skills/human awareness into the training programme.

When I am planning the incorporation of a new subject into the training programme I like to watch people trying to use it.  Trialing on someone who has never used the software is a great way to understand how the training needs to be scoped. Having trained on many systems (including lots of very user unfriendly ones!) Synergy’s simplicity has to be its greatest feature.  It’s easy to use and just marvellous to train on!

I see the future of Customer Service becoming more personal. Moving forward it won’t be enough to drag out the standard responses and replies to customer questions and complaints.  It would be good to see other more traditional scenarios using electronic communications (particularly video), for example, doctors appointments, interviews, etc.

mini Rachael