Help Contact Centre Agents Deliver the Results you Want!

Contact centre agents are often the first point of contact for customers. Therefore it is paramount to provide the correct training and tools so that agents can offer the best possible customer service. Here is how CallScripter can help you to do this:


  • CallScripter provides a variety of scripting solutions to ensure that the agent collects all necessary information
  • Option of checklist scripting also available so compliances are met but the agent can form a rapport with the caller and build the brand
  • CallScripter’s technology originated from contact centre staff, who are still a part of the development process, allowing us to keep the application relevant
  • Fully informed agents can advise and reassure callers who may be agitated
  • Clear scripts make it easier for advisors to deliver the necessary information in a clear and ordered manner
  • We break down knowledge silos so all agent’s knowledge is stored in a script so they are all on the same level
  • Regular product training is crucial to equip agents with the correct knowledge to resolve a situation
  • CallScripter believes that there are circumstances in which a less regimented approach will enhance the customer experience; this is why we offer simple scripting so that you can decide what direction the call will take.


CallScripter will work with you to devise a scripting solution that suits your company and fulfils your contact centre needs. Request a demo.