How To Set Up Successful Tele-marketing Campaigns

Every call centre today is taking a hard look at its bottom line. What can you do better? Can you improve an internal process? In many cases, it is the campaign management procedures and workflow that need reviewing. Are your processes efficient enough to help to build new and useful electronic relationships?

Call scripting is an excellent way to make complex and multi-site telemarketing campaigns more organised and creative. Moreover, scripting will help you focus on consistency and business processes that are proven to deliver maximum ROI. Whichever method or tool you choose, it needs to be easy-to-use and give contact centre supervisors and call centre managers the power to create creative campaigns and make changes to existing campaigns in real-time so that you can rapidly react to changes in legislation, new pricing, special or seasonal promotions etcetera.

Remember consistency is important (especially if you are running a multi-site business), by incorporating scripts to your telemarketing campaigns, you will ensure your outbound agents are guided to say the right things at the correct times; this means maximising your cross-sell and upsell opportunities.