Optimising Downtime

For many businesses, August is a quiet month when staff and clients are off on their holidays. You may find that projects slow down, and the workload drops. Having downtime within any company is a rarity. Rather than viewing it as an unwelcome lull, why not use it to your advantage?

Get organised.

Take the time to clean out your workspace. Both physical and electronic files become cluttered and impair you from finding information when you need it. A tidy work area will make you feel more in control and save you from scrambling around for that document.

Tie up loose ends.

Sift through any open projects and accounts and take the necessary action to close them. If your contact is on holiday, ensure they have all they need to respond from their side when they return.


Create a work plan for the next day, week, month or year; This will keep you on track to achieve your personal goals and the objectives of the business. Having a comprehensive work plan will keep you focussed and prevent ‘slow’ days occurring too often!

Interact with your team.

When you get the time, take a lunch break with a colleague, or request an informal chat with your supervisors. Discuss where the business is at and how you would like to progress. Take the time to listen to your staff and offer assistance when you can; This displays amity within the workforce and will improve working relations and productivity.


Take the time to envisage how you would like the company to grow in the future regarding growth, market share, new products, advanced support networks and customer service. A slow day is an ideal time to let your mind explore the ‘what ifs’ and ‘how’s’ and start developing and working towards a realistic plan.

Review the Business Operations.

We don’t always have the time to monitor how efficient our business processes are. Downtime is the ideal opportunity to analyse where your organisation could improve and develop an action plan. Identify the areas that could be enhanced such as communication, data handling and customer service.