Ansaback is one of the leading UK call centres available 24/7, 365 days a year. Operating from our own UK call centre in Ipswich, we supply a broad range of professional outsourced telephone answering services across the UK, giving your company bespoke services tailored to your company’s precise requirements.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the process of using goods or services from a resource outside of the company. Outsourcing is economically beneficial to the enterprise, but there are many other advantages of outsourcing elements of business operations.

Location. Having a contact centre located in an area with different employment demands, with a robust infrastructure, can increase an organisation’s likelihood of having a large, skilled workforce with reliable transport.

Expertise. Outsourced contact centres are experts in customer interactions and managing resources required for those interactions. They can deal with a range of communications for many different brands, communicating company identity and add value to those brands in the process.

Resources. No need to invest in office space, desks, headsets, software or telephony systems as a dedicated call centre will have this infrastructure and support in place.

Reputation. Contact centres that have many clients can prove their competence through their reputation. It is their responsibility to portray the identity and values of their client to their customers and build their reputation as well.

Experience. A dedicated outsourcing call centre has extensive experience of working with different organisations with a variety of campaign needs. Agents can be dedicated to a particular client, a campaign style, or multi-skilled so that they can work in all areas. Advisers receive full training before they begin taking live calls so that client campaigns can get off the ground as quickly as possible.

Flexibility. Using an outsourced contact centre gives the flexibility to scale the workforce up and down depending on client requirements. There are no fixed overheads and no permanent salaries to pay as well as no HR costs.

Demographics. You may choose to have your call centre in an area where the dialect is different to your own, or you may feel relates to the caller’s requirements.

So why Ansaback?

Ansaback expertly manages millions of customer experiences on our clients’ behalf while adding value to their businesses. At the heart of our multi-channel contact centre are great people delivering great experiences for our clients, their customers and each other, all in a supportive environment. We are experts in a wide range of business sectors such as E-commerce, Retail, Telecoms, Charities, Utilities and Facilities Management, with over 15 years’ experience in these industries. We apply our expertise to continuously develop new services and products that help increase sales, enhance reputations and ensure customer lifetime value is enhanced.

Our clients range from high profile blue chip names such as UK Power Networks, Pfizer and Greene King through to growing SMEs, both in the UK and internationally. We know that we must always find ways to maximise client profits, with a healthy return on investment.  We, therefore, work closely with every client to ensure we act as a profit centre so that we are not simply a cost of doing business.

Ansaback operates 24/7/365 with all staff employed and working in the UK, to give our clients ultimate flexibility and to quickly provide high quality accredited services that deliver our customer requirements and more, without the need to invest in new fixed overheads.

Ansaback is proud of its strong ethics, inspirational leadership and loyal, committed workforce that drives our mission to:

Expertly manage customer experiences on behalf of our clients to add value to their business, generating wealth, health and well-being for the entire Ansaback family

If you would like to know more about Ansaback, visit our website, call us on 0800 088 7878, or email info@ansaback.co.uk.