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Maximising Scripting Campaigns

July 30th, 2015

Modern communication takes a variation of forms such as texting, calling, writing, emailing. It can be difficult to convey messages or intent accurately when using and blending these different methods. The language, terminology, slang and accompanying gesticulation could be misinterpreted. By analysing the differences between the written and spoken word, we are able to identify where scripts can lose their impact or direction in transition.

The spoken word is largely an informal method of communication. Most of us do it continuously throughout our average day and don’t always think too carefully about what we are saying or how we are saying it. When speaking face to face or on the phone, we can use tone of voice to emphasize parts of our speech and define the meaning behind our words. We are able to add to the conversation immediately. This can be beneficial when there has been a misunderstanding or

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Interactions 2015

June 16th, 2015

This month, CallScripter’s Strategic Alliance Partner, Interactive Intelligence, once again hosted their main event at the JW Marriott hotel and conference centre in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana. The four-day event offers partners, customers and employees of Interactive Intelligence a platform where they can interact through exhibitions, seminars, meetings and social activities. Kevin Ellis, Commercial Director, Ken Tracy, Strategic Alliance Director and Elizabeth Millea, Marketing Executive represented CallScripter.

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Striking the Balance

May 5th, 2015

We’ve all been there; you’re about to rush out of the front door when the phone suddenly rings. Perhaps you even look down at the mobile in your hand? But no, for once it’s your house phone that’s ringing; meaning that you can’t even take the call on the run, well you could, but you wouldn’t get very far!

Once you’ve located the phone, cursing all the while about the fact that landlines are now portable and can be hidden down the side of the sofa, you answer it; only to be greeted with an overtly cheerful, perhaps slightly over familiar contact centre agent, keen to engage you in a long, drawn-out exchange, which will continue for several minutes before they even state the actual purpose of the call.

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Bringing Advisors and Customers Together

January 29th, 2015

Empower your advisors and give them the confidence to engage with the customer.

When customers call into a contact centre, they are expecting a quick, efficient and polite service. This should be the minimum level of service that any contact centre is providing. What makes a customer’s day is when the person they interact with is friendly, helpful and builds a rapport with them. It can really make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful call outcome.

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