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Why organisations NEED to enhance their employee experience

November 14th, 2016

How Employee Experience is driving Customer Experience – a 4 part series

Is EX a flash in the pan, or is it worth us taking notice of? Why should we be trying to understand it and what is in it for business owners?

Part two: Why organisations NEED to enhance their employee experience.

We live in a world of experiences. We are less concerned with owning material things and more interested in having great experiences like holidays, meals out, music gigs and sports events. These experiences start with a trigger (like a meal or holiday) followed by a collection of senses (a sunset, lighting, music, conversations) that result in a memory. Good memories make good experiences. We realise how important good experiences are in our personal life, so why shouldn’t we apply that mentality to our professional life?

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Being Mr Motivator

October 12th, 2016

Quick tips for boosting motivation in the contact centre

  1. Lucky dip

Our outbound coordinator, Amy, introduced a lucky dip that Customer Care Advisors can take a go on after a particularly good call/meeting targets etc. The lucky dip could be a chocolate bar, being allowed to leave 5 minutes early, having his or her tea made for her for the rest of the day and so on. An inexpensive and fun way to reward and motivate teams.

  1. Employee of the Month

All our advisors are asked to nominate a peer for the Employee of the Month competition. They must give reasons as to why this person deserves the award and the nominee with the most votes win the award and a cash bonus. To maximise this activity we publish a selection of the nominations via internal email and on our Facebook page. It’s really nice to see what lovely things are said about one another.

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