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Why Contact Centre Scripts Have NOT Had Their Time…

July 21st, 2016

As an employee of a Contact Centre Specialist, a recent article discussing whether or not using scripts in the call centre has had its time naturally caught my eye. And while the article presents both sides of the argument, I feel an exploration into the depths of what the traditional ‘call script’ now encompasses is in order…

Yes, excellent customer service is essential, a differentiator, but to achieve that great service first comes meeting all the requirements and obligations. It doesn’t matter a jot if the Customer Care Advisor provides the most excellent service I’ve ever had, if they have to call me back the next day because they didn’t take down the necessary details or the call takes an hour because they have to juggle numerous applications to answer my query, I won’t be using them again.


Part of our organisation is our outsourced bureau contact centre. We provide an extensive range of services for companies of varying sizes and from different sectors. All client interactions are responded to using our scripting solution, created in-house 15 years ago. One of the most basic, but valuable functions incorporated into specific script campaigns is upselling options.

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CallScripter Joins the Genesys AppFoundry

April 5th, 2016

Contact centre scripting solution, CallScripter, is pleased to announce availability of their CallScripter Synergy solution on the Genesys AppFoundry, a marketplace for world-class customer experience applications, integrations and services.

5th April 2016, Ipswich, UK
Genesys are market leaders within the customer experience industry, enabling organisations to deliver impeccable customer service whilst reducing effort and increasing revenue. CallScripter, the premium provider of agent scripting for Customer Engagement Centres across the globe are delighted to have updated their status to become a Technology Partner and in turn publish the app to the AppFoundry. The AppFoundry is a marketplace platform for developers, independent software vendors (ISVs), value add resellers (VARs), and customers to discover new solutions to enhance their Genesys environment.

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Maximising Scripting Campaigns

July 30th, 2015

Modern communication takes a variation of forms such as texting, calling, writing, emailing. It can be difficult to convey messages or intent accurately when using and blending these different methods. The language, terminology, slang and accompanying gesticulation could be misinterpreted. By analysing the differences between the written and spoken word, we are able to identify where scripts can lose their impact or direction in transition.

The spoken word is largely an informal method of communication. Most of us do it continuously throughout our average day and don’t always think too carefully about what we are saying or how we are saying it. When speaking face to face or on the phone, we can use tone of voice to emphasize parts of our speech and define the meaning behind our words. We are able to add to the conversation immediately. This can be beneficial when there has been a misunderstanding or

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Using CIM Systems for Regulatory Compliance

July 28th, 2015

The list of rules and regulations covering contact centre operations seems to be continually growing, with potentially significant fines for any breaches that occur. Scripting has a major part to play in ensuring that your agents not only act the right way and say the ‘right thing’, but also allows management to produce compliance reports that demonstrate that adherence is being achieved.

Retaining customers’ personal financial details safely and securely is an onerous task. The major credit card companies have become so concerned about credit card theft that they have produced an international standard (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) that all organisations that handle credit card information must implement. This specification is complex (a 75-page requirements document and numerous supporting documents), and implementing it within the contact centre environment is a major project for any business.

While the Payment Card Industry (PCI) specifications are involved, Customer Interaction Management (CIM) systems can be used to help meet vital parts of these requirements.

This document presents an overview of the PCI standard and how modern CIM systems can be used to help achieve compliance.

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TeleNet Selects CallScripter to Increase Business Efficiency

October 16th, 2013

TeleNet Marketing Solutions, a market-leading lead generation and lead nurturing company have selected CallScripter, a global innovator in agent guidance and call scripting technology, to optimise outbound campaign management workflow and performance.

Deploying a premise-based agent scripting solution for its 260-seat call centre based in Bogart Georgia, USA, TeleNet will be using the unique enhancements offered by CallScripter to manage and maintain its lead quality assurance process and maximise the returns from outbound lead generation programs.


  • Interactive script functionality providing Telenet with more functionality and greater automation when managing campaigns
  • Custom-built dashboards that support and streamline TeleNet’s existing quality assurance process
  • Time zone customizations to automate availability of records across multiple time zones
  • Mitel CTI integration to automate dialling and further increase agent productivity

Chris Engel, Vice President of Information Technology at TeleNet says,CallScripter will enable us to continue to improve our internal processes and provide an excellent platform for our continued growth. Moreover, it will allow us to leverage new techniques, add more efficient workflows for agents and quality assurance, and provide extended reporting capabilities for both management team and our client-base. We feel that CallScripter is the solution that will allow us the necessary flexibility and platform independence as technology continues to evolve. The commitment to continue to adapt to new opportunities and incorporate feedback from their customers gives us confidence that we will be well-positioned for the years ahead.”

Kevin Ellis, Sales Director at CallScripter, says, “We are honoured to be selected by Telenet to provide them with a solution that will allow them to expand and enhance their already successful contact centre offering. They are another example of our recent successes in the North American market, and we look forward to developing a successful relationship for many years to come.”

About TeleNet Marketing Solutions
TeleNet is a lead generation and leads nurturing company that outsources its services to companies that specialise in hardware, software, IT services, telecommunications, and financial services. TeleNet has expertise targeting Enterprise and SMB markets across multiple industries.

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About CallScripter
CallScripter is the market leading contact centre scripting software solution internationally, designed to maximise contact centre productivity while improving agent and business efficiency. With over a decade of experience, CallScripter remains dedicated to providing unrivalled best of breed solutions to modern contact centres around the globe.

CallScripter is a division of IPPlus plc, the AIM listed business services organisation, whose interests include software and outsourced contact centres. The CallScripter headquarters are in Ipswich, the UK with regional partners worldwide.