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WRB Communications Chooses CallScripter

July 25th, 2012

WRB Communications, a multi-channel contact centre BPO for healthcare manufacturers and service organisations selected CallScripter, a best of breed contact centre scripting software solution to enhance customer relationship management processes and increase sales and customer support for WRB’s client base.

Key features

  • New in-house solution that maintains and supports the regulatory business processes
  • Ability to introduce and manage simple or sophisticated client programs and campaigns
  • Efficient handling of customer interactions: Inbound patient support, and outbound telesales/telemarketing, e-detailing, video-detailing
  • Advanced data management and custom reports for each client

Steve Richardson-Frankton, International Partner Manager at CallScripter, says “We are delighted that WRB Corporation has selected CallScripter as its go to the market partner and solution of choice for WRB’s strategic initiatives in reaching out to healthcare professionals via tele-detailing, e-detailing, and video detailing. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership between our two companies.”

Ron Abel, President of WRB Communications, says ”We found the CallScripter software extremely flexible and profitable. More importantly, the team at CallScripter is very responsive in helping us make changes and evolve our solution for our clients. As a service provider, we value partners that emphasise service and client satisfaction.”

About CallScripter
CallScripter is the market leading contact centre scripting software solution internationally, designed to maximise contact centre productivity while improving agent and business efficiency. With over a decade of experience, CallScripter is dedicated to providing unrivalled best of breed solutions to modern contact centres around the globe.

CallScripter is a division of IPPlus plc, the AIM listed business services organisation, whose interests include software and outsourced contact centres. The CallScripter headquarters are based in Ipswich, the UK with regional partners worldwide.

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About WRB Communications
WRB Communications delivers multi-channel contact center solutions for healthcare manufacturers and service organizations. Founded as a drug information contact center in 1996, their services have expanded to include a broad range of relationship management programs focused on healthcare.

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Channels of Communication

July 30th, 2010

These days communication is instant, easy and, more often than not, incessant.

Having a constant bombardment of communication means we tend to stop listening after a while. Social networking sites, bookmarking, email, SMS, IM’s, DM’s, PM’s…and whatever other acronyms there are out there.

And what happened to the phone? Has it been disregarded in favour of newer, flashier and more ‘up-to-the-minute’ technology? Why pick up the phone and call one person, when you can send a tweet and converse with thousands all within seconds?

It certainly seems like technology is leaning that way, however.

Gartner produced a report this month that stated: “voice is the most important real-time communication channel.”

But contact centres can be difficult. Most people will have their experiences of both good and bad interactions, yet it’s the unpleasant ones we remember and tell to others.

So which communication type to use? You lean one way, and risk alienating one target audience (those who don’t have Twitter for example). You learn another, and yep, you’ve guessed it, alienate another (those who don’t have a landline perhaps)!

An integrated strategy seems to be the only approach that will keep everyone happy. You have a website and email capabilities, social media tracking, a Bureau call centre on hand 24/7, people in stores for face-to-face contact, a permanent texter, and perhaps even a travelling salespersons who will randomly pitch up at customer’s addresses, ensuring that they are satisfied with your service.

Of course not every business has access to such comprehensive resources. So what do you do?

Well purchasing the best of breed solutions provider, CallScripter™, would be a start. Our integrated software is enabled to allow for multiple communication tools and aspects, and with our impeccable suite of reporting tools you can track and monitor KPIs, ROIs, MIs and any other acronyms you like.

CallScripter at the Call Centre Expo 2009

September 21st, 2009

CallScripter, the Ipswich-based subsidiary of IPPlus, will be showcasing their latest offering, CallScripter 4.2, at the Call Centre Expo this week.

The updated and the fully-integrated software programme will be featured on their stand, H21, at the Birmingham NEC for the whole two days of the show. Live, interactive demos will be taking place, with the opportunity for you to try your hand at script building.

Over the past eight years, CallScripter has consistently continued to push the technological boundaries of call centre workflow software and this year is no exception. CallScripter 4.2 is designed to assist your agents further, while also improving their interaction with customers, and ensuring data quality is consistently high.

The latest additions to the CallScripter 4.2 program mean that it is fully-functional in numerous languages, making it accessible all over the world. The application now supports localisation in the following languages: UK English, Dutch, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Russian.

Time is money, and with this, in mind, the control set of CallScripter has been revised for the new version. The existing control set was comprehensive, but often took a time to navigate a large number of controls. The significantly enhanced layout, appearance, and functionality will dramatically change the way users can build scripts, and make the agent experience that much better and efficient.

Other new features that contribute to the advanced development of the CallScripter 4.2 include plugin controls, revised validations, new system variables to save script building time and provide consistency of variable naming across scripts, and a message queue that allows post call events to be automatically queued by the system. One client is already putting this to good use to send reminder text messages to customers, 24 hours before they visit one of their attractions.

Kevin Ellis, CallScripter’s Sales Director, commented “We look forward to welcoming you onto our stand, and demonstrating what our software is capable of. Our team has worked incredibly hard to develop the latest version of CallScripter, and we feel that it reflects today’s marketplace. The emphasis has been focused on making the product more efficient, regarding both cost and time – primary concerns in a recession-hit economy.”