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CallScripter at Call Centre Expo 2012

October 18th, 2012

CallScripter, an industry leading contact centre scripting software solutions provider exhibited at the Call Centre Expo 2012 in London Olympia earlier this month.

The exhibition was a perfect opportunity for the end-users and solution providers to come together, share best practices and experiences, moreover explore the latest technology and innovations in the contact centre industry.

Call guidance and scripting have always been a very popular topic in the customer service sector and as a scripting technology leader, we were jubilant to get the opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge and easy-to-use software application to the industry professionals who gathered from all over the world.

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WRB Communications Chooses CallScripter

July 25th, 2012

WRB Communications, a multi-channel contact centre BPO for healthcare manufacturers and service organisations selected CallScripter, a best of breed contact centre scripting software solution to enhance customer relationship management processes and increase sales and customer support for WRB’s client base.

Key features

  • New in-house solution that maintains and supports the regulatory business processes
  • Ability to introduce and manage simple or sophisticated client programs and campaigns
  • Efficient handling of customer interactions: Inbound patient support, and outbound telesales/telemarketing, e-detailing, video-detailing
  • Advanced data management and custom reports for each client

Steve Richardson-Frankton, International Partner Manager at CallScripter, says “We are delighted that WRB Corporation has selected CallScripter as its go to the market partner and solution of choice for WRB’s strategic initiatives in reaching out to healthcare professionals via tele-detailing, e-detailing, and video detailing. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership between our two companies.”

Ron Abel, President of WRB Communications, says ”We found the CallScripter software extremely flexible and profitable. More importantly, the team at CallScripter is very responsive in helping us make changes and evolve our solution for our clients. As a service provider, we value partners that emphasise service and client satisfaction.”

About CallScripter
CallScripter is the market leading contact centre scripting software solution internationally, designed to maximise contact centre productivity while improving agent and business efficiency. With over a decade of experience, CallScripter is dedicated to providing unrivalled best of breed solutions to modern contact centres around the globe.

CallScripter is a division of IPPlus plc, the AIM listed business services organisation, whose interests include software and outsourced contact centres. The CallScripter headquarters are based in Ipswich, the UK with regional partners worldwide.

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About WRB Communications
WRB Communications delivers multi-channel contact center solutions for healthcare manufacturers and service organizations. Founded as a drug information contact center in 1996, their services have expanded to include a broad range of relationship management programs focused on healthcare.

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The Perils of Speaking Before Thinking

October 8th, 2010

Ahh speaking before we think. We’ve all done it. Uttered those ill-fated words, the ones that as soon as they are out of our mouths we wish we could take them back. And with technology at our fingertips, it is often all too easy to think something and write it/post it/blog it/twitter it without actually thinking through the ramifications.

Look at the England cricketer Kevin Pietersen. He was furious at being dropped from the T20 squad and immediately took to Twitter to unleash his displeasure.; this resulted in a major press story and very public (and no doubt humiliating) apology from Pietersen. If he had just stopped and thought for a moment, perhaps even picked up the phone and discovered the very valid reasons behind being dropped, this whole ugly situation could have been avoided. It seems his internal censor had been turned off – you know, the one that steps in when your thoughts become wild and unpredictable and says ‘hang on a minute, do you really and truly want to do that?’

CallScripter could be described as an external sensor, an extension of the internal one we all have. One of the biggest problems facing contact centres is controlling agent/customer interactions. As we have our contact centre in-house, we can appreciate how challenging it can be to guide the agent in the right direction, ensuring that they don’t speak before they think.

According to the recent Jabra report, the key to a fruitful and positive customer service call is ‘when the agents know what they are talking about’ which was cited by 43% of the survey respondents.

But in a challenging situation, perhaps when confronted with an angry customer, or a rude caller, are you confident that your agents have the appropriate skills and training to control the interaction adequately? Or are they likely to ‘do a Pieterson’ and fly off the handle? If you’re not confident, then perhaps a flexible yet efficient solution is required?

The key is to equip your agents with tools to allow them to handle challenging and complex interactions confidently. But not overload and dictate their every word. There HAS to be a degree of flexibility, primarily because no two interactions will ever follow the same path.

In the ever changing contact centre world of compliance, regulations, irate callers with often unpredictable natures, the one constant you can be assured of is CallScripter. By implementing our application, you never have to navigate through the minefield that is speaking before thinking; with the conversational path laid out before you, exceptional customer service will be the result.

The Perfect Solution for Aquarius

February 18th, 2010

CallScripter and IP3 Telecom are delighted to announce their most recent contract win, with Aquarius Contact Centres (UK) Limited.

Aquarius was in need of a complete contact centre solution. Requiring both a hosted telephony platform and also a hosted contact centre solution, they needed the functionality and flexibility that would allow their technology to grow alongside their business, ensuring that there are no real restrictions with regards to increasing or even decreasing the agent team.

IP3 Telecom and CallScripter, joint subsidiaries of IPPlus (UK) Ltd, have worked together to supply Aquarius with a fully integrated ‘one-stop-shop’, to meet all the necessary requirements.

Every member of the Aquarius staff now has the advantage of advanced PBX facilities with intelligent ACD and CTI functionality, incorporating screen pops for the CallScripter software.

The solution comprises of:

  • ACD – Automated Call Distributor with skill and time-based routing.
  • Agent desktop interface is incorporating inbound, patch through and outbound call control.
  • CTI – CallScripter script integration with screen pops.
  • Supervisor screens with graphical and statistical monitoring and control.
  • Wallboard screen for snapshot overview of call centre performance.
  • Call recording.
  • Full data management, along with KPI and MI reports via the CallScripter solution.

The hosted service is controlled through a user-friendly web portal. The end user controls which staff can access this portal, and can then control even further with regards to what actions they can undertake.

Immediate benefits to the client have been that there has been little capital expenditure, no on-going maintenance costs, and only minimal setup costs, due to the selection of the hosted, rather than a premise based system.

Managing Director of Aquarius, Roddy Forfar, commented; “As we are currently in such a dynamic and competitive marketplace, the ability to scale our requirements up and down as requested is imperative to our continued profitability and growth and now, thanks to this solution, we can implement this effortlessly.

“In my opinion and from my experience so far, CallScripter is the most flexible and easy-to-use scripting application on the market, and IP3 offers technology you would expect from a switch circa £30,000+ but with additional call routing aspects to benefit both my clients and myself; this is a business relationship that will continue to grow for many years to come.”

Kevin Ellis, Sales Director of CallScripter, commented; “We are delighted that both IP3 and ourselves could provide the perfect solution for Aquarius, and we look forward to assisting the team with their long-term growth strategy.”