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The Perils of Speaking Before Thinking

October 8th, 2010

Ahh speaking before we think. We’ve all done it. Uttered those ill-fated words, the ones that as soon as they are out of our mouths we wish we could take them back. And with technology at our fingertips, it is often all too easy to think something and write it/post it/blog it/twitter it without actually thinking through the ramifications.

Look at the England cricketer Kevin Pietersen. He was furious at being dropped from the T20 squad and immediately took to Twitter to unleash his displeasure.; this resulted in a major press story and very public (and no doubt humiliating) apology from Pietersen. If he had just stopped and thought for a moment, perhaps even picked up the phone and discovered the very valid reasons behind being dropped, this whole ugly situation could have been avoided. It seems his internal censor had been turned off – you know, the one that steps in when your thoughts become wild and unpredictable and says ‘hang on a minute, do you really and truly want to do that?’

CallScripter could be described as an external sensor, an extension of the internal one we all have. One of the biggest problems facing contact centres is controlling agent/customer interactions. As we have our contact centre in-house, we can appreciate how challenging it can be to guide the agent in the right direction, ensuring that they don’t speak before they think.

According to the recent Jabra report, the key to a fruitful and positive customer service call is ‘when the agents know what they are talking about’ which was cited by 43% of the survey respondents.

But in a challenging situation, perhaps when confronted with an angry customer, or a rude caller, are you confident that your agents have the appropriate skills and training to control the interaction adequately? Or are they likely to ‘do a Pieterson’ and fly off the handle? If you’re not confident, then perhaps a flexible yet efficient solution is required?

The key is to equip your agents with tools to allow them to handle challenging and complex interactions confidently. But not overload and dictate their every word. There HAS to be a degree of flexibility, primarily because no two interactions will ever follow the same path.

In the ever changing contact centre world of compliance, regulations, irate callers with often unpredictable natures, the one constant you can be assured of is CallScripter. By implementing our application, you never have to navigate through the minefield that is speaking before thinking; with the conversational path laid out before you, exceptional customer service will be the result.