The History and Development of CallScripter

CallScripter has been a leading contact centre software developer for over a decade, and we have grown considerably as part of the IPPLUS group. But where did it all begin? Here is a quick history of how CallScripter went from IPPlus’s ‘experiment’ to a successful global organisation.

In the beginning

…there was Ansaback. Established in 1998 as an outsourcing contact centre, part of IPPlus PLC (then known as County Contact Centres PLC). Over the last 15 years, this small contact centre has evolved into a highly regarded contact solutions service with a commendable client list.

Many years ago, a prospect approached Ansaback with an urgent need that required a campaign and team of agents to be deployed overnight. Our existing Contact Centre Application was unable to deliver what was needed in such a short space of time so the Groups development team got to work and within hours had delivered the project building a series of Web Pages connected to an SQL Database back end. Such was the success of the project that is was decided to create a project to replace the existing rigid, cumbersome solution with our creation, the first version of CallScripter was formed.


It became apparent that the need for a product such as CallScripter was not limited to Ansaback and the team that conceptualised Version 1, began working on making it a robust commercially available product. In a few months, CallScripter was on the market, and the first UK deal closed. Over the next few years, CallScripter’s development accelerated rapidly with the introduction of outbound scripting, the launch of 6 more versions (award winning no less) and expansion into the European, USA, Australian and South African markets as well as some significant partnerships.

But that’s not it

The last few years have been an exciting journey for the CallScripter team, but we are not slowing down. In fact, we’re just getting started. The best is to come in 2015, so stay tuned for a jam packed year.