Call Center Scripting Software Partnerships

We make life easy whatever your scripting requirements maybe. CallScripter can run full screen (effectively owning the desktop) or in Embedded Mode within your desktop application. CallScripter has many APIs that allow you to interface with other applications and telephony systems to suit each scenario. We can even host other content from web based systems inside our Agent Desktop. So you see we support virtually any scenario that could be required!

At the core of any implementation are our configurable drag and drop scripting and agent desktop building mechanism. At the highest level, we take data in, interact with the agent and other systems and push data out if required.

We also produce our integrations for the following strategic partners:

  • Interactive Intelligence
  • Avaya
  • Genesys

If you are a channel partner of these organizations, we have out of the box solutions which will help you gain competitive advantage and win customers. We are a member of the Interactive Intelligence Global Alliance at Innovator level, and an Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner.

How This Helps Call Center Scripting

Referral Agent: generate leads and be compensated for each qualified lead that results in a closed and delivered deal. Identify and pass a potential lead to the CallScripter sales team who engage to lock the transaction. You will be paid you a referral fee based on the licensed volume when the project is signed off as delivered.

Referral Agents can transition to the Premier Partner level by completing sales training and investing in the required demonstration system and building the 12-month business plan.

Premier Partner: the focus here is on sales and gaining access to product training along with marketing and business development support. A team of CallScripter Sales and Channel Management Resources provides ongoing assistance. Long term, the Premier Partner level allows you to grow your customer base while providing the framework to earn technical certification. As you achieve success, You will go on to build your CallScripter practice and move to the Elite Partner level Where revenues and margins are greater that the Premier Partner level.

Elite Partner: Elite Partners implement a CallScripter practice which provides full-scale sales, professional and level 1 support services to users of CallScripter. By acquiring requisite sales, technical and support expertise, Elite Partners earn the highest margins possible. At the Elite Partner level, a dedicated Channel Sales Manager will work with you to qualify opportunities, then assist with pre-sales tasks, implementation planning and service activities to successfully close deals.

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