Professional Services

The CallScripter application is supported by an expert Professional Services team. Their focus is to help our clients and customers to use scripting technology to its full advantage. The support team enables users of CallScripter to improve operational efficiency and productivity whilst supporting crucial business goals.

We understand that all organisations operate differently, and therefore need different support methods. This is why we have devised a range of services to assist your business and ensure that you get the most from CallScripter. Here are some of the services and tools we offer with our support service.

Our team is made up of individuals with hugely varied backgrounds; from call centre agents and helpdesk analysts to technical platform specialists and project managers, combining to form a team that can offer an infinite level of support. In addition to their own skill set, our team works alongside our very own developers, the creators of CallScripter themselves. You really can’t get more accessible than that!

  • Script building – we provide full training for script builders and editors. However, if you have specific requirements, we also offer a script building service.
  • Script migration – we can support migration of scripts from older CallScripter versions to upgrades.
  • Consultancy – our professional service consultants will provide expert advice on your more challenging projects.
  • CallScripter control modification – CallScripter comes with a suite of controls to cover most requirements. However, if you need additional functionality, our team can modify existing controls to meet specific needs.
  • Bespoke functionality – if you have a requirement which is not covered by existing CallScripter functionality, we also offer bespoke solutions to cover more complex requirements.
  • Third party integration – we offer professional services, including integration with third party systems through various communication methods.
  • Knowledge base – Our knowledge base is updated regularly, covering best practice guidance and  details number of common issues with their resolutions.
  • User guide – Full documentation on all modules and controls of CallScripter.
  • Helpdesk – for any issues that need some one-on-one assistance, you can raise a ticket.

Whether your project involves a complete deployment, a small integration or a complete customization, we will help you to optimise your contact centre operations and deliver great service to your customers – yes both are achievable!

Years of successful project implementation has ensured that CallScripter’s support services are standardised. Our processes make your experience as quick and easy as possible by delivering the highest levels of efficiency, manageability, and agility for all your support needs.