CallScripter LMS

If you’re making an investment in software, it’s important you and your people can understand and use the system quickly, effectively, and learn in a way which works around your business demands.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) will help you achieve those objectives.  Providing a series of videos, exercises, and quizzes on the main areas of the CallScripter product, you work through the modules at your pace, scheduled at a time that works around your schedule.

Varying levels of support compliment the LMS, so you can either learn unsupported or opt to have workshops with a trainer.  In summary, these are:

  • Self-led learning: unsupported learning, you complete what you need to know
  • Guided learning: we talk to you and find out what you need to achieve, and provide a tailored education plan to give you focus
  • Workshop learning: you learn using the LMS, and we offer a series of short workshops to provide demonstrations and answer questions (limited to 2 sessions, typically lasting 2 hours each)

If you want to find out more, please contact +44 (0)844 544 8895 or email

Happy learning!