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Not for Profit

Reduced training times and campaign specific scripting means you gain more productivity from your advisors and maximise revenue generation of your fundraising campaigns

Retail Sector

A unified desktop gives your advisors instant access to all the information they need in one place

Travel and Leisure

Deliver exceptional customer service with improved customer interactions to ensure retention

Financial Sector

Discover how CallScripter can provide a tailored service to ensure quality and compliance within your contact centre


CallScripter enjoys partnerships with a multitude of organisations across the globe. Why not join us?


With our own outsourcing contact centre, we are in the optimum position to understand your challenges and provide you with a one stop solution


CallScripter is revolutionising the agent scripting experience by providing a framework upon which personalised and interesting conversations can be built, rather than dictating what an agent should say.

Our application empowers contact centre users to build complex scripts and campaigns quickly and simply, with easy-to-use drag and drop controls, ready made templates and a series of advanced data management tools.

CallScripter™ can handle simple or sophisticated scripts, in either on-premise or cloud-based environment. Key functionalities include:

  • Inbound and outbound manager modules
  • Workflow systems; follow-up actions are automated to ensure that the correct sequence of post-call events happen within defined timescales
  • Real-time capabilities; users can send reports, emails and SMS messages from the script; with contact details and FAQs available at all times
  • Sophisticated web reporting module; real-time data visibility and transparency
  • Productivity monitoring application; agent time and activity log will show exactly what your agents spend their time on
  • Multi-lingual and cross-channel
  • A suite of pre-existing controls to aid speed of script design along with a range of tools that enable integration to 3rd party applications and data sources

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