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ROI Calculator

At CallScripter we understand that for many organisations, the bottom line takes priority; and so we invite you to complete our ROI calculator for an indication of the savings your organisation could benefit from by implementing CallScripter.
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Not for Profit

Reduced training times and campaign specific scripting means you gain more productivity from your advisors and maximise revenue generation of your fundraising campaigns

Retail Sector

A unified desktop gives your advisors instant access to all the information they need in one place

Travel and Leisure

Deliver exceptional customer service with improved customer interactions to ensure retention

Financial Sector

Discover how CallScripter can provide a tailored service to ensure quality and compliance within your contact centre


CallScripter enjoys partnerships with a multitude of organisations across the globe. Why not join us?


With our own outsourcing contact centre, we are in the optimum position to understand your challenges and provide you with a one stop solution


CallScripter Synergy is the brand new application from CallScripter. The term Synergy comes from taking two elements and combining them to produce something of greater value than the two separate parts. CallScripter has taken the functionality of previous versions and combined it with a simplified user interface and smarter controls to create a lighter, quicker, easier and more consistent application. Highlights include:

  • cross browser compatibility
  • brand new and improved script editing module
  • cross channel campaigns enabling a single view of the customer regardless of communications method
  • built in tips and tricks feed to assist on boarding of new users
  • simplified agent desktop
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+44 (0) 203 368 6889